The Story. The Motive. The Why.

Warning: This post took me 18 months to write and is extremely detailed.

It’s passionate.

It’s real and it’s raw.

If you are not interested in making a profit, or the journey we took to get here, then I wouldn’t bother reading it.

If you are, then it could be the most valuable post you’ll ever read.

I’m a digital entrepreneur who used to be addicted to gambling.

I got into a lot of debt but that wasn’t even the worst thing.

The primary issue was the stress & the time lost.

Time staring at a screen wanting a figure to go one way or another.

Having credit cards, food and living money on the line on an event that was not only 70%+ variance or luck but just not that important in the grand scheme of things.

It’s hard to talk about openly.

It sucked.


For anyone who has had an addiction, they know that it’s just a strange feeling of consistently feeling the next time will be different.

Even though the input is exactly the same.

Essentially the definition of insanity.

But I’m a very stubborn guy.

I didn’t want to be defeated by something that was just a bunch of stats, some variance, muscle tissue & psychology….

I wanted to find some kind of way to prove I wasn’t just chasing some stupid dream of trying to make a quick buck….

The gambling industry is a dangerous, 500 billion-dollar industry that has made thousands of millionaires and made millions broke or worse too.

I didn’t think I was just some guy to be broke through with what boiled down to a lack of discipline and an inability to walk away.

AKA Mindset.

So naturally, I walked away again.

Or at least I tried to.

But I couldn’t.

I was drawn back to this industry as if it had some kind of pull on me.

In fact, it wasn’t even money.

It was something different.

It just felt like something wasn’t quite right.

I have an addiction.

But WHY does that need to be a bad thing?

People are addicted to things that are extremely useful to them.

Eating healthy, running businesses, saving lives, world peace.

And even the smaller things.

Unknown people make a difference every month and they do it on a daily basis without anyone knowing.

Their addiction helps them achieve their goals.

It motivates them.

But being simply motivated to do something is not enough.

Could I possibly achieve some sort of goal?

Could some sort of positive come out of the pain?

So, what’s the goal’s moving forward?

Nowadays it’s not so much directly about the money.

Sure, I love building massive businesses and earning money doing things I love.

But realistically who doesn’t?

There are easier ways to make a successful business.

So, what are the real goals?

Why have I written about addiction for the past 500 odd words?

What’s my WHY?

Well, it’s pretty simple.

There is, in fact, one goal.

Grow this sport investing community to a point where we make betting companies take note.

Thousands of people making a profit will eventually start to make a dent in their profits.

It might take ten thousand or hundreds of thousands but at some point, someone somewhere will notice and look at us.

At that point, I would like to sell the business to them…

All the intellectual property, all the algorithms, all the machine learning.


This will benefit their business.

They will make sharper lines and eventually make more money.

I’ll sign non-competes, and essentially sell out…

Bet you didn’t expect that?

But read on and it will make sense…

The price for me to consider selling will be a very large amount of money.

Money that I can do an extraordinary amount of good with.

Something that will allow me to become addicted to something else and fund my real dream.

Which is to help people who have addictions.

Help people who cannot help themselves.

Not in the current charity way that just gives people money and expects them to change.

That doesn’t solve anything.

Instead, you teach.

You don’t teach skills.

You teach mindset.

The mindset to succeed and believe in what someone is doing.

Learning about mindset changed my life.

In 4 years I went from being from broke and addicted to gambling to a 7 figure net worth, founded 3 companies that I love working in and a massive increase in happiness & drive to be productive.

But the next step is here.

The name of this future company is yet to be decided but could be something truly special.

But first, we have to get there.

Everyone who helps us get here, I will truly be thankful.

I do not want to rid the world of addiction.

Addiction is a powerful thing.

It got me to where I am today.

I want to rid the world of negative addiction.

Negative addictions bring suffering to everyone involved.

Positive addictions can make humans achieve incredible things.

You can help.

You can help not by funding a charity.

Charities & governments don’t change anything.

The biggest impact comes from private profit-driving companies doing the right thing, in the right way.

We aren’t a charity.

We’re a profit-making company with a vision.

You can help by signing up to a package and making the bets we recommend.

Just making donations doesn’t actually help the end goal.

You can help by trusting us.

You will make a profit.

It’s guaranteed otherwise you get your money back anyway.

We can guarantee this by using machine learning, stats & blood, sweat and tears.

A guarantee in this industry means we are not only the best at what we do, but we also have a motive.

You’re investing in solving negative addiction & making a profit in the process.

Sign up now and join the community.

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Thanks a lot.

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