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An Introduction to ghost insights

Ghost Insights is a sports analysis company, founded initially on taking profitable stock & forex trading concepts and moving them into the sports betting markets.

Everything we do at Ghost Insights is based on sound investment principles pulled across into the sports investing space and expanded to consistently achieve our primary objective of 120% ROI per calendar year.

This is the personal return on investment our customers and personal bettors internally aim to achieve. The 120% ROI we generate is a vast improvement versus the 8-12% through shares, trading or real estate that the majority of investors see. This is why we made the full-time switch and why we’ve been extremely successful during our current approach.



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The Play Selection Process

Play Selection – Individual Sporting Investments

The Ghost Insights sports investing strategy is based on taking investing concepts, focusing primarily on market movement and inputting these into the sports markets. We monitor market movements, trends, news and official betting strategy to create extremely +EV bets with each selection considered as an official investment by ourselves.

Each play that’s created goes through this testing phrase. As a result, the number of plays/investments per day (as well as per sport) varies. The qualifying investment will then be sent (usually in one batch per day, 1 hour before games begin).

This is due to betting markets having the highest limits an hour before an event start time. Beating closing lines is seen as the most difficult and impressive sports betting achievement, which is why each and every strategy that is created internally is based on results for closing lines and not opening lines.

We combine data analysis, line movements & traditional handicapping services to provide long-term reliable profits for individuals all around the globe, beating closing lines and generating over 120% ROI per year in the previous 3 years.

You can read all about how we create our strategies here.

All plays are sent via email or inside our premium exclusive Twitter account, depending on the customers’ preference. The process is simple once you receive the plays.

Based on your pre-defined bankroll management (info here) you will create a unit sizing strategy. This is usually 1% of your total investment bankroll. For example, if you are using $100,000, you would employ $1,000 unit sizing. Once you have the unit size, you’ll simply denote this to each play of 1u or 0.5u as per our individual emails. You can see exactly how the plays are formatted here.

From here the process is straightforward; you simply bet the event at the given odds and number (Moneyline, spread, total points etc), ensuring you get the same price or as close to as was released in the official play. Once this is completed there’s nothing else to do, although if you have any questions feel free to get in touch with a member of the team.

why ghost Insights

Aside from the obvious, successful track record we’ve developed over the past seasons and years.

Our secondary goal alongside helping investors profit through sports betting is to generate a positive, powerful community. Our customer service has been rated 5* on all third party review mediums (Trustpilot, Google reviews etc).

Alongside the plays you’ll have direct assess to both co-founders of the business as well as multiple other team members who can help answer any questions, however basic you may feel they are.

The long-term solution

Once our community reaches 300 subscribers, the service investment will be doubled to $260/month. You can read on our story page which outlines why we’re building this business and community in the way we are.

This service is not for individuals looking to try and make 100% ROI in a month or crazy 50 unit plays that don’t exact. We will have losing days and weeks, but over the long-term, our play selections have equated to over 57%, leading to 120%+ ROI per year since the Premium service was launched.

This service is for investors & gamblers looking to generate a secure, extremely high ROI on their money versus the stock market, real estate and other asset classes. Full bankroll management instructions, bet sizing and how the process works will be emailed to you upon sign up. 

To get started follow the instructions below;

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Frequently asked questions

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive 2 welcome emails. The first is to confirm your email (check spam). The second will contain more information on how to get started. Once confirmed, there’s no specific action you need to take. Simply receive the picks and make the bets.

We provide tips for all major sports, including NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAAF, NCAAB, soccer, cricket and rugby union.

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The majority of plays are sent between 30-60 minutes before the start of an event. In some cases, they may come a day before to ensure you get the best odds. However, in some cases, plays may be sent as late as 10-15 minutes before an event starts. As a result, we recommend turning on notifications for our emails.

Billing is set up via PayPal. However, you do not need a PayPal account. The default PayPal payment option allows you to subscribe via credit/debit card or via your PayPal account.

Simply email us and we will cancel your subscription. Alternatively, you can can cancel directly from your billing medium.

If you have any questions about Ghost Insights or how we work, feel free to email our founder on tom (at)