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What Is Ghost Insights & Sports Investing?

Ghost Insights is an sports handicapping service designed to help investors earn a greater ROI through the additional asset class of sports investing. Over the past 5 years we’ve built a sports investing handicapping service that allows individuals all over the world to profit through simple +EV play selections, distributed once or twice per day. The results of which have enabled our premium members to earn in excess of 120% ROI per year for the past 3 years. View our current 2020 results here.



Sports betting is my primary investment and wealth driver. Getting 200% a year when stocks or real estate give you 6-12% in a good year is a no-brainer. Originally I only started with 5% of our portfolio in this alternative asset class, but with the guidance and simplicity of the GI model we now have over 40% of our entire portfolio in-play in our sports betting bankroll. With this likely increasing to 55% by the end of 2020. I advise everyone to gamble responsibly but I highly recommend putting a small percentage, initially, of your portfolio into sports betting, and if you don't have any idea on sports betting itself, follow a service like Ghost Insights and their bankroll management to give you an edge. Once you see the growth, like is, you'll likely increase the percentage.
Constantinos Santis
Sports Investor


Who This Is For?

New Sports Investors.

We are perfect for individuals looking to earn additional money alongside a current stream of income. This is the passive investor approach, simply using sports betting as a superior investment vehicle to stocks, real estate etc. As these unit sizing increases, they have the potential to become a full time sports investor.

We’ve helped people become digital nomads, and now travel the world whilst profiting through our plays. It’s a great feeling to help people earn an extra $1,000-$5,000 a month.

Professional Investors.

Professional sports investors that use higher unit values, usually around the $10,000 mark per play. These professionals earn 120%+ ROI per year long term, generating profits in excess of 6 & 7 figures yearly.

Our process and the play selection don’t change based on your unit size. As long as you use correct bankroll management for all your plays, you will make a healthy profit and continue to grow your account. An additional benefit of our service is the plays are distributed at the highest limit time, meaning you can get down large dollar amounts on games avoiding the lower limits earlier in the day/week.

2021 Results

WinsLossesPushesUnits ProfitROI Based On 1% Bankroll Per Unit Invested
2051859+9.62 9.62%

Become A Sports Investor

How to Start your journey

1. Sign Up & Learn The Basics

Upon sign up you will receive a welcome email that outlines all the necessary tips, advice and information to get started, including bankroll management, when plays are sent, how to place the best timed bets, the best bookmakers to use and more.

2. Receive The Plays & Bet

Each day you will receive an email (or via Twitter if this is a preference) containing the plays for this day including the odds, unit sizing, price and any other key information needed. Simply follow those plays exactly and make the same sized bets as suggested.

3. Generate Over 120% ROI / Year

Simply continue to place the same bets and the same prices as per stage 2 and watch your bankroll gradually increase. For more information about previous bets and results, check out our results page.

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